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Ionic Lodge #145

Welcome to Ionic Lodge #145 A.F. & A.M.

Welcome to Ionic Lodge #145 A.F. & A.M.

Welcome to Ionic Lodge #145 A.F. & A.M.Welcome to Ionic Lodge #145 A.F. & A.M.Welcome to Ionic Lodge #145 A.F. & A.M.

About Freemasonry

Freemasonry is Not a Religion


Their is no litmus test or religious restrictions imposed in Freemasonry. Every man who joins must believe in God, regardless of name. Freemasons recognize that the wonders, the order and the symmetry of the universe are the result of the Grand Architect of the Universe. Religion is not discussed at our meetings.

Rising Hope


Freemasonry provides men with a philosophy that teaches and empowers them to treat all humanity with equality and fairness. It demonstrates that we are a small but very important cog in a vast machine that is built to benefit all.

Politics is not discussed at our meetings.

Charity for All Mankind


Our philosophy teaches that when the cause is worthy and we are able, we should provide relief to those who seek it.

What is A Freemason Lodge?


There are 2 answers. First and foremost a lodge consists of the brethren assembled together. Secondly it is the building that houses them.

What happens here?


We hold our business meetings, induct new candidates and practice, a lot of practice!

Symbols and Tools


The tools of the builders. In Freemasonry each one represents a code of conduct, a moral truth, and teaches a virtuous way of thinking. 

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Freemasonry accepts men of good character and high moral standards  of all religions, race, ethnicity and background.

Freemasonry is the largest and oldest fraternal organization on the planet with more than 6 million members. In the United States alone we donate approximately $2.5-3.0 million per day every day to charitable causes, research of disease and disaster relief. 

Men of good character and high moral standards seek out Freemasonry because they have a desire to learn about and improve themselves, improve their community and truly care about how they can influence the greater global community.  

Men seek to join Freemasonry not only because they believe in benevolence, equality and fairness, but they have a desire to share those virtues amongst all mankind. Freemasons view the inhabitants of Earth as one family. 

Men seek to join Freemasonry because they have a desire to contribute to the charitable endeavors and scientific research we fund.  In the United States the most recognized charity is the Shriners Hospitals. We also fund research for Dyslexia, speech and language disorders, dental health, and Alzheimer's research. 

Men seek to join Freemasonry because they have a desire to have an impact in their local communities. Not only do Freemasons give back to their communities in the form of monetary assistance but also through its teachings and organizational structure. Freemasons help  improve their community by joining its religious, school, political, and other community organizations. As members of these vital organizations Freemasons  impart to them the moral, ethical and charitable principles they have honed with the help of our ritual, lectures and education.

Men seek to join Freemasonry because they have a desire for an organization that is family oriented and inclusive of their spouses and children. Freemasonry offers all within the family the ability to participate, not only with functions in our lodges but with several women's and youth organizations. 

Men seek to join Freemasonry because the have a desire to be intrinsically linked to history. You will walk in the same path and study the same teachings that influenced Mozart, Duke Ellington, Isaac Newton, Ben Franklin, Jesse Owens,  George Washington, Thurgood Marshall, Buzz Aldrin,  Harry Truman and Sugar Ray Robinson among so many others.  To have an  understanding of how these men thought, conducted themselves and strived for achievement to improve the quality of all humanity is astounding. Freemasonry is the only woven fabric that provides this link.

If you have a desire to have an impact, have a better understanding yourself, be personally linked to our history or be part of a great brotherhood whose purpose is to unite and never separate, to bring together and never keep apart.

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Freemasonry offers a family experience with various Women's and Youth Organizations. Please go to that page to learn more.